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Think of abstract art as a type of non-verbal communication. Instead of using language to to create a description of a scene abstract art uses color and form and line to make a composition that represents the real world in an individual way. One of the great qualities of abstract art is that in its truest form it has no resemblance to anything in the natural world and there for it is the prefect form to stretch the imagination. A hundred people can look at the same painting and all come away from it with something different.

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Landscape Art: Bringing the outdoors inside since 1500 BCE

Landscape art is the depiction of tree, rivers, mountains, valleys, forests, nature etc. where the subject is a wide view with a distinct composition. The two main styles in landscape art branch from western painting and Chinese art respectively. In many of the East Asian pieces a spiritual element is often a center piece of the painting. In the Chinese tradition of “pure” landscape art the only sign of human life is usually a sage. The earliest forms of western “pure” landscape art date back to 1500 BCE from Minoan Greece. Before this time many paintings could have a strong sense of location, however, the main subject of the painting would have been the human or animal forms. One of the big differences between the landscape art of the East and West is the position it traditionally held in the artistic hierarchy. More status was given to the form of art that required more imagination, in the East that was the imaginary landscape and it's practitioners were famous and even included royalty. In the West, however, historical art occupied the top tier until the 19th century.

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Embracing classical modernism with Ethan Harper

Ethan Harper has a background in both classical technique and medical illustration which makes him a rare find in the artistic community. This allows him to bring an artistic approach into the world of realism. Ethan's talent was discovered while working at Old World Prints making hand painted reproductions. He is now a designer for World Art Group and he also still pursues his own artistic interests. Continue reading